DIS 2009 Working groups

The physics topics of the workshop will include Structure functions and low-x, Diffraction and vector mesons, Electroweak physics and BSM, Hadronic final states and QCD, Heavy Flavours, Spin physics and Future facilities. The present status and prospects of these subjects will be discussed in the working groups and summarised in the plenary talks.

Working Groups and Convenors:
The parallel sessions will be organised as working groups. All the participants wishing to give a presentation at the parallel sessions are requested to contact the convenors of the appropriate working group directly via e-mail.

Structure functions and low-x:
Burkard Reisert (reisert@mppmu.mpg.de)
Agustin Sabio Vera (sabio@cern.ch)
Zhiqing Zhang (zhangzq@lal.in2p3.fr)
Diffraction and vector mesons:
Markus Diehl (markus.diehl@desy.de)
Paul Laycock (laycock@mail.desy.de)
Christophe Royon (royon@fnal.gov)
Electroweak physics and BSM:
Francisco del Aguila (faguila@ugr.es)
Mario Martinez (mmp@fnal.gov)
Amita Raval (raval@mail.desy.de)
Hadronic final states and QCD:
Gavin Hesketh (ghesketh@fnal.gov)
Albert Knutsson (albert.knutsson@desy.de)
Leszek Motyka (motyka@mail.desy.de)
Heavy flavours:
Ahmed Ali (ahmed.ali@desy.de)
Leonid Gladilin (gladilin@mail.cern.ch)
Diego Tonelli (diego.tonelli@pi.infn.it)
Spin physics:
Carl Gagliardi (cggroup@comp.tamu.edu)
Rodolfo Sassot (sassot@df.uba.ar)
Gunar Schnell (gschnell@mail.desy.de)
Future facilities:
Albert De Roeck (deroeck@mail.cern.ch)
Rolf Ent (ent@jlab.org)