PDF file with information about the "Residencia Erasmo" in the campus of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

From Madrid City to University (UAM)

The preferred way to go from Madrid city to the university is by local train ("Cercanias" in spanish). The on-campus train station is called "Cantoblanco Universidad". It is clearly marked in this map, which shows the local-train lines in the Madrid area.

Map of Madrid with the locations of the local-train stations, the city center and the campus of the "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid"

Map of local-train lines with the locations of the stations in the city center and the campus of the "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid"

In daytime there should be at least one train every 10 minutes. You should take line C4:

Timetables for the local trains for Saturday April 25th, 2009:

Please note: "Hora Salida=departure time"; "Hora Llegada=arrival time"; "Linea=line"; "Tiempo de Viaje=travel time".

Line C4 stops in "Atocha" (main railway station in the center/south of Madrid), "Nuevos Ministerios" (a hub for metro and local trains) and Chamartin (main railway station in the North of Madrid). The sequence of stations is: "Atocha", "Nuevos Ministerios", "Chamartin", "Fuencarral" and "Cantoblanco Universidad", where you should get down. Travel time between any two stations is about 5-6 minutes.

"Atocha" and "Chamartin" railway stations are the main railway stations of Madrid and have several sections also for long-distance trains. You should look for "Cercanias", which is marked with this sign.

"Nuevos Ministerios" station is within walking distance of the conference venue and has direct connection with the airport (see How to reach...). If you are coming from the airport, to transfer from metro to local trains follow the "Cercanias" sign.

At the "Cercanias" station you should buy a single ticket (in Spanish "billete de ida" or "billete sencillo", 1.35 Euros) to "Cantoblanco Universidad". You should take a train of line C4 with final destination either "Tres Cantos", "Colmenar Viejo" or "Alcobendas-San Sebastian de los Reyes".

After getting off at "Cantoblanco Universidad" station, it is only a small walk to "Residencia Erasmo".

Within the UAM Campus

The "Residencia Erasmo" is building number 32 on the map of the UAM campus. The railway station is number 27.
After you leave the railway station, walk to your left to find Freud street and follow it until Erasmo de Rotterdam street. The residence is in this street. This map can help you.