DIS 2009 Social events

  • Welcome reception: the reception will take place at the

    Palacio de Congresos

    on Sunday April 26th at 19:00 in the Foyer of the First Floor.

  • Conference dinner: the conference dinner will take place in

    "Restaurant Pedro Larumbe"

    on Tuesday April 28th at 21:00. The address of the Restaurant is "Calle Serrano 61" and it is located in the fourth floor of the building called "ABC Serrano". It can be located in the following map . It is very close to the Metro station "Ruben Dario".
    After-dinner speech: David Saxon, "Yesterday's sensation: tomorrow's calibration"

  • Visit to the Prado Museum: the visit will take place on Wednesday April 29th. The visit has been organised in 12 groups. The first two groups will start the visit at 16:00. Every 15 minutes, two other groups will start. The last two groups will start at 17:15. These times correspond to the start of the visit and, therefore, visitors are requested to arrive 15 minutes earlier. Each group will be accompanied by an english-speaking guide. The

    Prado Museum

    is located in "Paseo del Prado" and can be found in this map . It is within walking distance of the Metro station "Atocha".
    The visitors should meet at the Prado Museum Access called "Puerta de Jeronimos", which is shown in the following map .