The Universidad Autonoma is located north of Madrid, at the Km 14 of the Autovia de Colmenar Viejo C-607 ( the highway from Madrid to the village of Colmenar Viejo), on the right hand side of the road as you drive away from Madrid.

From the airport to Madrid


From Barajas airport one can take a bus to Madrid, that stops right infront of the International arrivals lounge. This bus is fairly frequent (15-30 minutes periodicity) and its last stop is at Plaza de Colon, close to the center of town. If you continue to the University, you should go to that last stop, and locate the entrance to the underground train station called Recoletos, also at Plaza de Colon. You can pick a train that takes you from that station to the University.

By Taxi

You can take a taxi from the airport to town, by approximately 2000 ptas (20 dollars). If you are continuing to the Universidad Autonoma, perhaps the best choice is to ask the driver to take you to Chamartin train station, and take a train from there to the University. Obviously you might as well pick a taxi from the airport to the University, which would cost you around 4000 ptas.

From Madrid to the University

There are two possibilities for arriving to the University by public transportation from Madrid.


There are buses from Madrid to the University, which are fairly frequent at typical high hours (Here is the time table. ) They leave from Plaza de Castilla. You might reach Plaza de Castilla by metro (there is a stop there). Then, exit the metro station and locate the terminal of buses going to the University. Here is a map of the metro


Probably the best way. There is a train station at the University. The line is the one from Madrid to Tres Cantos. Trains to Tres Cantos ( a small town north of Madrid) start at Madrid South Train Station called Atocha. The trains go underground along the Castellana street. They stop at Recoletos (Plaza de Colon), Nuevos Ministerios (close to the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) and Chamartin station ( The main North Train Station). After Chamartin, the second stop on the way to TRES CANTOS is Cantoblanco-Universidad, where you should exit. Please consult the present Madrid- Tres Cantos and Tres Cantos -Madrid train time-table. Click here for a cleaner version of the time-table.

Reaching the Department from the University

Perhaps the best thing to do is to ask. First, you should reach the Faculty of Sciences ( Facultad de Ciencias ). Once inside the building of Ciencias ask again by the Modulo C-XI ( C from Ciencias and eleven in roman numbers). There is a sign at the entrance of this "Module". The Secretary of the Department is at the 6th floor, room 606.

For your help, here there are a couple of small maps of the campus: map1 and map2 ; and a photo of the University Campus.

The previous information is intended to help visitors of the Department to arrive at it, and has been provided to you by me (Antonio Gonzalez-Arroyo). I am not, however, using frequently the public transportations I am telling you about. There might be slight changes and differences between the information provided and real facts. For the sake of other visitors, I would like to ask for your collaboration in improving the accuracy. Please, mail me suggestions or corrections. (webman@delta.ft.uam.es)