Particle  Theory  Group  Members  Research

The Particle Theory Group Members carry out Research into many aspects of Particle Physics, ranging from QCD to Physics Beyond the Standard Model.

Related Research:
-Most of the members of the group are also members of the Institute for Theoretical Physics
 -Some of its members are also members of the  Lattice Gauge Theory Group

Research Projects:

All members belong to the research project "Theoretical Analysis of the Standard Model and the Particle Physics Beyond, and its Experimental Implications", FPA2003-04597, supported by the DGI of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (MCYT), from December 1, 2003 until November 30, 2006.
Former national research projects.

Some members are also involved in the Research Training Network (RTN) "Physics Across the Present Energy Frontier: Probing the Origin of Mass", HPRN-CT-2000-00148, supported by the European Commission, from October 1, 2000 until September 30, 2004.
Former EU research projects.

Other (small) projects where some members are also involved are:

 -"Theory and Phenomenology of Modern String Constructions",  HA2002-0117, supported by the Spanish MCYT and the German  DAAD
 -"The mass problem and neutrino oscillations", CICYT-INFN 2003 Cooperation"
, supported by the Spanish MCYT and the Italian INFN.

Below you can find a summary of the research interests:

     Standard Model Physics (A. Donini, M.B. Gavela, M.J. Herrero, A. González-Arroyo, C. López, E. Ruiz Morales, S. Sint, F.J. Yndurain)

     Neutrino Physics (A. Donini, M.B. Gavela)

     New Physics at 1 TeV: Higgs Sector, Supersymmetry, Constructions with Extra Dimensions (A. Donini, M.B. Gavela, J. García-Bellido, M.J. Herrero, L.E. Ibáñez, Y. Mambrini, C. Muñoz, S. Rigolin, E. Ruiz Morales)

     String Theory and M-Theory (E. Álvarez, G. Honecker, L.E. Ibáñez, E. López, C. Muñoz, S. Rigolin)

     Particle Physics and Cosmology (E. Álvarez, J. García-Bellido, M.B. Gavela, A. González-Arroyo, Y. Mambrini, C. Muñoz)

      Lattice Gauge Theory Group


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